About Us

Welcome! We are the Ottawa Reformed Presbyterian Church. We are a Canadian congregation in the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America (RPCNA). Our denomination traces its roots back to the Protestant Reformation, which began in Germany in 1517. More specifically, our roots trace back to the Scottish Reformation, which began in approximately 1560. Most specifically, we can trace our roots back to the apostolic church. If you think we are using hyperbole, come with a biblical mindset and worship with us.

Our denominational history in North America began in the mid 1700’s with the immigration of Scottish Presbyterians to the American colonies. The Reformed Presbyterian Church has become an ethnically diverse denomination. For example, the Ottawa congregation presently has people from 15 different ethnic origins. Over the past three decades, we have had an ethnic population double to that.

About Us

You may wonder about our name, the Reformed Presbyterian Church. The term Reformed simply means that we hold to the truths of the Bible as they were emphasized in the Protestant Reformation. It is important to note, however, that we are not living in the past. We take the motto of the Reformation seriously: “Reformed… always reforming.” Such continuing reformation is always to be based on the Word of God. For example, issues that were not issues in the 1500’s or 1600’s that emerge in our day, demand our attention TODAY. These issues include the sufficiency of Scripture, the cosmological questions of origins, issues of life, etc. Reformed churches that address these issues, continue the process of biblical reformation.

When most people hear the term Protestant, they think we are “protestors.” This is not at all what was meant by the term Protestant, which is derived from two Latin words, pro and testare. Pro means for, and testare means testament. When they are put together, the meaning is that we are for the Word of God. The Reformation was not a negative protest. It was a positive declaration of the believers’ commitment to the Word of God.

We are not only Reformed (in doctrine). We are also Presbyterian (in government). Our churches are governed by elders (Presbyters). This is the biblical pattern of church government (Titus 1:5, 1 Timothy 3:1-7).

Worship in the Reformed Presbyterian Church follows the pattern of the worship in the church from the days following Pentecost for several hundred years, and then once again in the Reformed churches following the Reformation. We, in the Reformed Presbyterian Church, continue that pattern of biblical worship.

These brief words are meant as a bare-bones introduction to us. You can read a more comprehensive history of the Reformed Presbyterian Church, and of our congregation. You are also invited to read, investigate, and question us about what we believe.

Our commitment to the Word of God is an absolutely serious, unquestioned adherence of all who teach in the denomination, as well as all who become members in the denomination. We believe that it is only on the basis of God’s Word, and through study and education in God’s Word, that we will both exhibit the changed life, and have a substantive impact upon our culture. We believe that such personal, real change and such an exercise of dominion over this world will bring honor and glory to God.

To help us accomplish this impact, we have added links to hundreds of articles, tools, and references for your perusal, investigation, and edification. Please take advantage of these excellent resources.

May you find this a blessing in your walk to Christ or your walk with Christ.

Contact Details

466 Woodland Ave
P.O. Box 23139
Ottawa, Ontario
Canada K2A 4E2 map

Phone: (613) 596-5566

Pastor: Dr. Richard L. Ganz

Worship: 10am and 5:30pm Sundays