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The Current Trinitarian Debate

Rev. David Reese

Sept. 6, 2016


Difficult Psychological Problems

Dr. Rich Ganz

Various Mondays starting Sept. 19, 2016


Systematic Theology: Eschatology

Rev. Matt Kingswood

Alternate Wednesdays starting Sept. 21, 2016


Early Modern Church History

Dr. David Weir

March 3 - 10, 2017

Epistle to the Hebrews

Dr. Jonathan Watt

May 10 - 15, 2017


Pastoral Theology (Enrollment limited to students under care of Presbytery and Elders)

Dr. Rich Ganz









Additional Information

Classes are held at 466 Woodland Ave. from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm or 10:00 pm. There is no charge for courses.

Courses are open to everyone (except Pastoral Theology).

Convocation was held on Sunday September 4, 2016 at 7:00 pm at the St. Lawrence Family Conference. The charge was given by Rev. Matt Kingswood.

Anyone interested in taking courses should contact either the registrar, Jamie Hood, at 613.596.5566 or or Dr. Ganz at 613.257.1650 or Information on courses received by the registrar will be sent to those known to be planning to take the course.



The Current Trinitarian Debate – Over the last couple of months there has been something of a "civil war” happening within the ranks of conservative, Reformed and Evangelical circles in North America.  Various views of the relationship between men and women have collided with various views of the relationship between the Persons of the Trinity.  The fallout of this clash has been hurt feelings, suspicions of other’s orthodoxy, and far more distinct and divided lines being drawn between various ecclesiastical camps.  This one night lecture will seek to explore some of the issues that have been raised, highlight some of the errors that have been made, and attempt to explain why the debates really do matter for the Church and for our faith.


Difficult Psychological Problems – Mental illness is epidemic in our culture. Some of the problems people are facing are extremely debilitating and can be life destroying. Sadly, the Christian community is not exempt from such problems. How we understand these maladies, and how we treat them can make all the difference in the life and health of individuals, and even the church in a more corporate sense. This course will deal with several of the huge problems that are invading our culture, such as “Obsessive Compulsive disorders”. Anxiety (panic) disorders, “Cutting”, “Bipolar disorders”, “Depressive disorders”, “Psychopathy and Sociopathy disorders” etc. and how we are to treat these problems in a biblical manner.


Systematic Theology: Introduction – Before delving into the various branches of theology, this course seeks to set the stage for theological study in general. The nature, history, methodology and significance of Systematic Theology will be discussed. The final portion of the course will be concerned with the topic of “revelation” in general and its relationship to Systematic Theology in particular.


Early Modern Church History – Focusing on the period 1500-1815, this course begins with the backdrop of the Late Medieval western church of 1347-1517 and considers the Protestant Reformation and the Catholic or Counter-Reformation, the emergence of confessions of faith, the wars of religion, the Evangelical Awakening in Europe and the Great Awakening in the American colonies, and the effect that the Scientific Revolution, the European Enlightenment, secularism, and the French Revolution had on the church. 


Epistle to the Hebrews – This course will examine the contents, key theological themes, structure and historical context of the New Testament Epistle to the Hebrews.  The epistle’s central organizing theme of the superiority of Jesus Christ, and the relationship between the Old and New Covenants, will take a central place in the course.  Discussion in class will seek to apply this epistle pastorally toward ministry today.


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