ToolsOur hope is that in making use of our website, you will advance in your faith and walk with the Lord. To help you accomplish this, we have created this Articles page, and have filled it with informative essays on a wide variety of theological topics. We will be adding new articles to this page regularly.

Our desire is to educate the body of Christ. Our means is dedicated biblical study, accompanied by earnest theological study. Our hope is that as you prayerfully study both the Scriptures and these articles, it will be a life-changing experience for you. May it be said of you, as it was said of Jesus, that you “increase in wisdom and godliness, while growing in favour with God and with men” (Luke 2:52).


  1. Chapter 2: Baptism: The Covenant of Grace and Covenant Continuity – Brian Schwertley
  2. A Contemporary Reformed Defense of Infant Baptism – Dr. R. Scott Clark
  3. Dedication or Baptism – Brian E. Coombs
  4. Chapter 3: Additional Arguments for Paedobaptism – Brian Schwertley
  5. Chapter 5: Reformed Baptist Arguments Refuted – Brian Schwertley
  6. Chapter 6: The Mode of Baptism – Brian Schwertley

Biblical Counseling

  1. A Brief Biblical Reference Guide for Discipline, Guidance, and Counsel – Brian Schwertley
  2. Christian Self-Control in an Age of Dissipation – Brian Schwertley

Church Government

  1. What is Presbyterian?
  2. What is Presbyterianism? – Charles Hodge

Covenant Theology

  1. What is Covenant Theology? – J. Ligon Duncan, III
  2. Articles Relating to Covenant Theology

Escatology (End Times) (pre-, a-, & post-millennialism)

  1. Full Preterism Refuted, Part 1: The Rapture – Brian Schwertley
  2. Is the Pretribulation Rapture Biblical? – Brian Schwertley
  3. The Premillennial Deception: Chiliasm Examined in Light of Scripture – Brian Schwertley
  4. Full Preterism Refuted, Part 2: The Resurrection – Brian Schwertley
  5. Articles Relating to Eschatology

Inerrancy & Infalliblity of the Bible

  1. A Summary of the Christian Worldview (Ultimate Reality) – Brian Schwertley
  2. Modernism and Biblical Inerrancy – Brian Schwertley
  3. The Historicity of Adam – Brian Schwertley
  4. Christ's Warning Against False Teachers – Brian Schwertley


  1. Why Sing The Psalms? – Pastor Terry Johnson
  2. New Songs of Zion - Michael S. Bushell
  3. Psalm Singing: A Reformed Heritage – Rev. J. Kortering
  4. Why We Sing God’s Inspired Psalms in Worship
  5. A Brief Examination of Exclusive Psalmody – Rev. Brian Schwertley
  6. Minority Report of the Committee on Song in the Public Worship of God - J. Murray and W. Young
  7. The Psalms in the Worship of the Church - Synod’s Study Committee on Worship (2004)
  8. Christ in the Psalms – E. S. McKitrick
  9. Calvin's Preface to the Psalter
  10. Exclusive Psalmody: A Biblical Defense – Brian Schwertley
  11. A Review of Iain H. Murray's “The Psalter – The Only Hymnal?” – Brian Schwertley

Reformed Faith

  1. What Does a Reformed Church Look Like? – Dr. Richard Ganz
  2. What is the Reformed Presbyterian Church? – Dr. William J. Edgar
  3. A Brief and Untechnical Statement of the Reformed Faith – Benjamin. B. Warfield
  4. What is Reformed? – Dr. James Boice
  5. The Five Points of Calvinism – R. L. Dabney
  6. Sovereign Grace: An Examination of the Five Points of Calvinism – Brian Schwertley
  7. The Charismatic Movement: A Biblical Critique – Brian Schwertley
  8. The Decrees of God – Samuel Willard (modernized by William Carson)
  9. The Reformed Presbyterian Church – A History – Dr. William J. Edgar
  10. A Defense of Reformed Orthodoxy Against the New Auburn Theology – Brian Schwertley
  11. Classical Articles of Reformed Theology
  12. Articles Relating to Reformed Theology

Reformed Faith - Judgment and Hell

  1. The Final Judgment – Brian Schwertley
  2. Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God – Jonathan Edwards
  3. The Biblical Doctrine of Hell Examined – Brian Schwertley

Reformed Faith - Justification

  1. Justification Made Plain – Charles Spurgeon
  2. Justification by Faith Alone – Brian Schwertley
  3. Doctrine of Justification by Faith – John Owen
  4. Refutation of Auburn Avenue Theology’s Rejection of Justification by Faith Alone – B. Schwertley
  5. Jesus' Active Obedience in the Justification of Sinners: Refuting Norman Shepherd – B. Schwertley

Reformed Faith - Mediatorial Kingship of Christ

  1. Christ the King of All – Rev. Philip H. Pockras

Reformed Faith - Redemption/Salvation

  1. For whom did Christ Die? – John Owen
  2. Man's Need of Salvation: Total Depravity and Man's Inability – Brian Schwertley
  3. The Good News of the Salvation of Jesus Christ – Brian Schwertley
  4. The Atonement of Jesus Christ – Brian Schwertley
  5. Chosen by God (The Doctrine of Unconditional Election) – Brian Schwertley
  6. The New Birth – Brian Schwertley

Reformed Faith - Sanctification

  1. Definitive Sanctification and Romans 6 – Brian Schwertley
  2. The Great Enemy Within – Brian Schwertley
  3. The Necessity of Sanctification: A Brief Refutation of the Carnal Christian Heresy – B. Schwertley


  1. Sabbath: A Day to Keep – J. C. Ryle
  2. Sabbath: The Day Changed; the Sabbath Preserved – A. A. Hodge
  3. The Christian Sabbath Examined, Proved, Applied – Brian Schwertley

Systematic Theology

  1. Articles Relating to Systematic Theology

The Person of Christ

  1. The Incarnation – Brian Schwertley
  2. The Resurrection of Jesus Christ – Brian Schwertley
  3. Is Jesus Christ God? – Brian Schwertley
  4. Articles Relating to God’s Attributes


  1. What is Your Worship Style? – Dr. William J. Edgar
  2. Pleasing God in Our Worship – Dr. Robert Godfrey
  3. Renewal of Scriptural Worship – Rev. G. I. Williamson
  4. Instrumental Music in the Public Worship of the Church – John Girardeau
  5. The Worship of the Church: A Reformed Theology of Worship – Committee
  6. The Teaching of Jesus on Worship – Brian Schwertley

Worship - Instrumental Music in Worship

  1. Why We Sing A Cappella (For the same reason we don’t sacrifice sheep, bulls, or goats...)
  2. Review of Dr. Girardeau's "Instrumental Music in Public Worship" – Robert L. Dabney
  3. Musical Instruments in the Public Worship of God – Brian Schwertley

Worship – The Regulative Principle of Worship

  1. Scriptural Worship – Carl W. Bogue
  2. The Regulative Principle of Worship – Rev. G.I. Williamson
  3. Instrumental Music in Religious Worship – Rev. John M'Donald
  4. The Regulative Principle of Worship – Pastor Terry Johnson
  5. Sola Scriptura and the Regulative Principle of Worship – Brian Schwertley
  6. A Critique of Schlissel’s “All I Really Need To Know About Worship..." - Rev. G. I. Williamson
  7. Brief Critique of Steven Schlissel’s Articles Against the Reg. Princ. of Worship – B. Schwertley

Z - Other

  1. The Gospel Coalition
  2. Desiring God - the teaching ministry of Pastor John Piper
  3. What Makes Christ’s Church Different?
  4. Reformed Christian Resource Page
  5. Other Reformed Articles
  6. Theological FAQ’s
  7. Biblical theology
  8. Sermon manuscripts from reformed preachers
  9. – A reformed website with solid reformed teaching

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