Our hope is that in making use of our website, you will advance in your faith and walk with the Lord. To help you accomplish this, we have created this Articles page, and have filled it with informative essays on a wide variety of theological topics. 


Our desire is to educate the body of Christ. Our means is dedicated biblical study, accompanied by earnest theological study. Our hope is that as you prayerfully study both the Scriptures and these articles, it will be a life-changing experience for you. May it be said of you, as it was said of Jesus, that you “increase in wisdom and godliness, while growing in favour with God and with men” (Luke 2:52).

Dedication or Baptism by Brian E. Coombs

What is Prebyterianism?  by Rev. Charles Hodge

Why Sing the Psalms by Pastor Terry Johnson

New Songs of Zion by Michael S. Bushell

Psalm Singing: A Reformed Hertiage by Rev. J. Kortering

Why We Sing God's Inspired Psalms in Worship

Christ in the Psalms by E.S. McKitrick

Calvin's Preface to the Psalter

What Does a Reformed Church Look Like?  by Dr. Richard Ganz

What is the Reformed Presbyterian Church by Dr. William J. Edgar

What is Reformed?  by Dr. James Boice

The Five Points of Calvinism by R.L. Dabney

The Reformed Presbyterian Church History by Dr. William J. Edgar

Justification Made Plain by Charles Spurgeon

Christ the King of All by Rev. Philip H. Pockras

Sabbath: A Day to Keep by J.C. Ryle

Sabbath: The Day Changed; the Sabbath Preserved by A.A. Hodge

Renewal of Scriptural Worship by Rev. G.I. Williamson

Instrumental Music in the Public Worship of the Church by John Girardeau

Scriptural Worship by Carl W. Borgue

The Regulative Principle of Worship by Rev. G.I. Williamson

Instrumental Music in the Religious Worship by Rev. John M'Donald

The Regulative Principle of Worship by Pastor Terry Johnson