On Saturday the 17th of October the Church held a paintball event at Marked Paintball. It was an evening where many memories were made. When we arrived we were given markers or in the words of Pastor Quigley “They're supposed to be called markers but they're basically guns”.  A paintball marker is powered by compressed air or carbon dioxide. Paintball guns are capable of shooting paint filled balls well over 200 feet per second (60 meters per second). This makes games very high speed and exciting. After we got all our equipment we got the basic rundown of how the game was to be played. We played paintball in four fields: one with tires, another with blue barrels, another with sand mounds and even one with cars and trailers. Each field is played with two teams but every field has different strategies and goals. About thirty people played so that made fifteen or so per team. We played for about two or two and a half hours. Pastor Quigley seemed to be a very big target and played the hardest breaking his ribs in the process. I cannot say I did the best and I was covered in paint by the end but I still had a great time.  I am sure everyone greatly enjoyed the event and will be participating in the next one.