Recap: Conversion Therapy Presentation

With the recent events surrounding Bill C-6 and its proposed conversion therapy ban, ARPA hosted an informational session at ORPC this past Saturday. The Association for Reformed Political Action seeks to be a Reformed light towards our governmental authorities as well as equip Christians themselves for political activity. Their presence is much needed at a time such as this to bring the Christian perspective to urgent issues. Colin Postma, a member himself of ORPC, led the event. For a little over an hour he unpacked the dangers surrounding the proposed bill. Conversion therapy, as currently defined, refers to any practice aiming to help people who are gender dysphoric towards feeling comfortable in the bodies in which they were born. In its broadest sense, it includes several forms of biblical counselling and even parental advice. If passed, it will prohibit many such actions, removing the essential Christian voice on the issue of transgenderism. Colin began by discussing the underlying worldview at play so as to better explain the Bible’s stance on transgenderism. God’s Word affirms the dignity of every human being and emphasizes the importance of our bodies, as they were originally created. He spent some time recounting real life anecdotes to demonstrate the permanent damage a sex change can cause a person. Next, he outlined the dangers presented by Bill C-6, as stated above. The session ended on an urgent note, as discussions continue this week toward the bill’s ratification. Colin had the attendees write letters to their MPs to voice their concerns over the potentially disastrous consequences presented by its passing. The members of Ottawa were thankful to listen to Colin’s enlightening session and encouraged to make their voice heard in the political sphere during this trying time.

~Samuel W.