Below are some answers to frequently asked questions about the Ottawa Reformed Presbyterian Church. If you have any other questions please contact us.

Do I have to be a Christian to come to Church?

No, most adults are not Christians when they come to church at first.  They come for a variety of reasons, but they are always welcome.  The church has a genuinely good message to share about new life in Jesus Christ, and you would be welcome any Lord's Day to come and worship the Living God with us. 

When do you meet for worship?

We meet for public worship each Lord's Day morning and evening. 

Morning Worship commences at 10:30 a.m. and begins with prayer followed by the singing of praise, from the books of Psalm which Christ has given His Church for use in the worship of God.  The minister then explains the Psalm of the week, which we sing.  We return a portion of the money God gives to us before praying again and singing another Psalm.  Then the minister will read and preach from God's Word.  Worship concludes with prayer, praise and the minister pronouncing the benediction.

Evening worship follows a very similar pattern with the exception that there is no explanation of the weekly Psalm of praise.

Who leads the Church ie who makes the decisions?

We have men who are responsible for the spiritual care of the people in the church. They meet each week either to discuss the care of God's people and the life of the church, to pray or meet with the deacons.  These men include the Rev. Dr. Andrew Quigley, who is the minister and the elders, Mr. Allan Cameron, Mr. Dan Dupuis and Mr. Cory Van deer Meer.

We have other men called deacons, who have the task of caring for the physical needs of the people in the congregation and the maintenance of the property. They meet each month with the minister and the elders and they also meet on their own at times as well to discuss matters concerning their task.  They are Mr. Jason Braden, Mr. Josh Foster, Mr. Norm Fry and Mr. Vince Giroux.

Do you celebrate the Lord's Supper ?

Yes we do, four times a year.  The Lord's Supper is open to those who are members of the church, and Christians who attend the church regularly.  If you are visiting and are a Christian you will be invited to meet with the Session before worship on the day the Sacrament is being observed.   If you are not sure if you are a Christian or not, then we will be glad to speak with you.  Participating in the Lord's Supper is a serious matter, and not to be entered into lightly according to God, and so we want to take care of you in respect of it. 

Do you have Bible Classes?

Yes. They meet 9:45am - 10:20am  each Lord's Day between September and June, with the exception of holidays. We have classes for all ages of children as well as adults.

Do you have a nursery?

Children of all ages are part of God's covenant community and are included in public worship.  There is a nursery room available which parents are free to use if their children become restless during worship. There is also a nursing mother's room connected to the sanctuary with a one-way window into the sanctuary. 

Are you part of a denomination?

We are part of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America