Ottawa Theological Hall (OTH) is a church-based seminary mandated to prepare labourers for the ministry.  We train men for pastoral ministry and any others seeking broader teaching of reformed and presbyterian theology.  The courses are taught by local and visiting professors during non-office hours so that students can continue with their daytime employment.  OTH also seeks to integrate theological education into the practical life of the church so that gifts can be evaluated and refined for ministry. 

2017/2018 Course Calendar

Course Name



Sin and Repentance

Rev. Andrew Quigley

Sept. 4-7, 2017

Biblical Counselling

Dr. Richard Ganz

various Mondays

Modern Church History

Dr. David Weir

March 3-8, 2018

Pauline Epistles

Dr. Jonathan Watt

May 30 - June 5, 2018

Systematic Theology: Doctrine of God

Rev. Matt Kingswood

alternate Wednesdays starting January 10, 2018


Difficult Psychological Problems – This course will explore some of the most serious and frightening psychological problems facing our society today and look to the Word of God to see what means of biblical counsel are available instead of drugs or other therapies. One such problem is schizophrenia, a tragic disorder seen in one of every hundred people.  Other difficult psychological problems will also be covered.

Systematic Theology: Doctrine of God – This course will provide the student with an overview of the Biblical teaching on the doctrine of God. Topics include the existence, names and nature of the God of Scripture, as well as a general consideration of His works. While necessarily covering some of the same ground, this is not a course in Apologetics.

Modern Church History – This course will focus on the church during modern times, especially within the context of the industrial (after 1700) and technological (after 1918) worlds.  It will include consideration of the expansion and growth of the church through international missions, selected and important issues that have challenged the church from outside and inside, parachurch organizations, and the emergence of Christianity as a global movement that has often expanded beyond the institutional church. Attention will be given to various theological schools of thought that have emerged in modern times.

Pauline Epistles – Prominent among the letters of Paul sent to the Aegean region were the Corinthian correspondence to its western flank (Greece) and the “prison epistles” (including Philippians, Colossians and Philemon) toward the east (Turkey).   Written within a handful of years of each other, they delve into everyday issues of church life, then as now, such as doctrinal essentials and Christian relationships in family, church and other public situations.  This course will take an historical and thematic approach to these topics. 

Additional Information

Classes are held at 466 Woodland Ave. from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm or 10:00 pm.

Courses are open to everyone.

Anyone interested in taking courses should contact either the registrar, Jamie Hood, at or Dr. Richard Ganz at Information on courses received by the registrar will be sent to those known to be planning to take the course.

OTH Background

Established in 1982, OTH is one of the few Reformed and Presbyterian theological seminaries in Canada. It is located in the heart of Ottawa, the capital of Canada, and is under the authority of the St. Lawrence Presbytery of the RPCNA.

The purpose of OTH is to provide a teaching institution in Canada from which to train faithful Canadian men for pastoral ministry, and to see churches planted throughout  Canada. From the beginning, OTH has been open to both men and women to study. Our desire for OTH is twofold:

1. To train and prepare men for pastoral ministry; and

2. To equip all the saints for the work of a full-orbed ministry.

The professors at OTH are all faithful pastors and teachers who are committed to training men for the work of the ministry. For the professors who are local, classes are held throughout the academic year in the evenings. Other professors are brought in to teach from near and far. For these professors, courses are generally given in a week-long segment in the evenings and Saturdays. The seminary shares the building with the Ottawa Reformed Presbyterian Church.

Students from OTH have gone on to many different vocations. Men have gone into full-time ministry. Many more men and women have received varying degrees of training to help them in their various callings and walks with the Lord, including missionary work.

If you have any questions or would like more information about Ottawa Theological Hall please contact the registrar by email at