Women's Conference

Join the women of the Atlantic and St. Lawrence Presbytery for 2 days of encouragement and fellowship.

"We are God's Workmanship"  with Jeralyn Faris

Ephesians 2:10


July - August

RP International Conference

RP International Conference is a six-day “family reunion” held every four years. Come and be encouraged and strengthened alongside new and old families who love God and His covenant faithfulness

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Fellowship Groups

East End 

Leader: Larry Sinardo

Date: Every other Friday

at 7:30 pm

Contact Info:


Leader: Vince Ward

Date: Every Tuesday

at 6:00 pm

Contact Info:

West End

Leader: Dustin Bursey

Date: Every Friday

at 7:00 pm

Contact Info:


Leader: Colin Postma

Date: Every other Tuesdsay

at 7:00 pm

Contact Info: