Westminster Confession Lectures

Westminster Confession Lecture 4: Chapter 3

Westminster Confession Lecture 3: Chapter 3

Westminster Confession Lecture 2: Chapter 3

Westminster Confession Lecture 1: Chapter 3

Rev. Dr. Andrew Quigley is recommencing his Westminister Confession Lectures this week, April 27th, 2020. We will be posting the videos, here, on the church website on Saturday morning. To receive a Mailchimp notification when lectures are posted, please click the Subscribe button below, and select 'Westminster Confession lecture videos' under 'Type of Communication'.  

If you wish to listen to the audio recordings of the previous lectures which were given at the Lord's day morning Adult Bible Class, including the introductory lectures on the Westminister Assembly and its working, please send an email to info@rpcottawa.org and we will send you the links to those.