The church is a community bound together in love for the Lord Jesus Christ. It is not a collective of individuals who have been saved and have then joined the church; it is a community that existed before the foundation of the world, one chosen by God, which God realized in time by His grace. 

After evening Worship the children packed boxes with toys, toiletries and other practical items to send to other children in need.

Christian faith and worship is a daily reality. Daily reading and instruction from Word, prayer and the singing of psalms in family worship sets the foundation that will serve the family for generations to come

On Saturday the 17th of October the Church held a paintball event at Marked Paintball.  It was an evening where many memories were made.

This past Lord's Day, the Session launched the new weekly Family Worship booklet.  It aims to give direction and help with Family worship. 

Saturday, October 24th was our annual Fall clean up.  It was an encouragement to see so many from the congregation participating.