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Family Worship Booklet

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Fellowship Groups

Engage in fellowship with others.  Click here for more information about groups that meet regularly.

Bible Classes

No classes due to COVID-19 restrictions. Click here to view Rev. Dr. Andrew Quigley's lecture videos.


"The job of every Christian is to pray. Plain & Simple." ~Oswald Chambers

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Fellowship Groups


 Location: West End (van der Meers)

Day & Time: Tuesdays@ 7pm


Location: Kanata/Zoom (Fosters)

Day & Time: Mondays @ 7pm 

Location:  East End/Zoom (Lams)

Day & Time: Tuesdays @ 6.30pm


Location: Zoom (Wards)

Day & Time: Tuesdays @ 7pm


Location: Central (Church)

Day & Time: Fridays @ 3pm


Location: Aylmer/Zoom (Postmas)

Day & Time: Fridays @ 8pm

Prayer Points



  • Give thanks to God:
    • for the desire He has given us to worship Him, and pray for His help as we do so.

    • for His blessing upon the annual RPCNA Synod Meetings last week. Give thanks for the decision to grant the Canadian congregations their request to establish an RP Church of  Canada in June 2022.

    • for the safe return of the families who were on holiday last week.

    • for Leah S.'s recovery from her period of exhaustion.

  •  Pray for:

    • the Fellowship Groups, as they meet this week for the last time to study God’s word before the summer break.

    • those who have physical illnesses and mental struggles, that the Lord will be merciful to them in this time of need in their lives.

    • the salvation and protection of our young people in all aspects of their lives.

    • the worship services, that we will soon be in a position where everyone will feel comfortable to participate in in-person corporate worship.

Sister Congregations & Churches


  • Kitchener RPC - Pray for Rev. Scott Wilkinson who will be in Ottawa this week working with Rev. Matt Kingswood, and our minister on the book that will outline the principles for worship in the new RPC of Canada.
  • RPC Australia, Frankston RPC - Pray that God would open doors to allow the Pockrases & Alida McCracken to immigrate to Australia soon.
  • RPC Ireland - Give thanks for the granting of the change of use for Milford’s new premises in a recently constructed retail park. Pray that the construction will be completed soon so that they can begin meeting in early summer. 

Our Nation

  • Pray that the Lord will restore His Bride in Canada, that she will shine a light of truth and hope into the nation.