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Family Worship Booklet

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Fellowship Groups

Engage in fellowship with others.  Click here for more information about groups that meet regularly.

Bible Classes

No classes due to COVID-19 restrictions. Click here to view Rev. Dr. Andrew Quigley's lecture videos.


"The job of every Christian is to pray. Plain & Simple." ~Oswald Chambers

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Fellowship Groups


 Location: West End (van der Meers')

Date & Time: Mondays @ 7pm 

Location: Zoom (Wards')

Date & Time: Tuesdays @ 7pm


Location: West End (Fosters')

Date & Time: Thursdays @ 7pm

Location: Central (Church)

Date & Time: Fridays @ 3pm


Location: Aylmer (Postmas')

Date & Time: Fridays @ 8pm

Prayer Points


  • Give thanks to God:
    • for the desire He has given us to participate in corporate worship today.

    • that Samuel W. has arrived safely in South Sudan.  Pray that the Lord will bless him as he teaches there.

    • that Jane F.’s second cataract operation was a success.

    • for the resumption of the Fellowship Groups. Pray as all the groups resume this week that the Lord’s hand of blessing will be upon this significant aspect of the congregation’s body life.

    • for those God has brought to worship with us in recent months.

    • for the Session & Deacons meeting on Tuesday past. Pray for the Lord’s help in executing the decisions made.


  • Pray for:

    • those in the congregation who, because of health concerns, are participating in worship on-line. Thank God for the contact we have with a number of those in this situation through their participation via Zoom in the Fellowship Groups.
    • our children and young people, that they would be converted.

Sister Congregations & Churches


  • Hillside RPC – Pray for Rev. Matt Dyck and his ongoing physical health issues.
  • RPC Australia – Pray that permission would be granted soon for the Frankston RP congregation to rent the city hall for their services.


  • RPC Ireland – Pray for the Enniskillen RP Congregation after Rev. David Sutherland decided not to become their minister but to continue as minister in Ballylaggan RP Church.


Our Nation

  • Give thanks to God that hospitalisations from COVID-19 continue to be low, and there have been no recent deaths in Ottawa.