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Fellowship Groups

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Bible Classes


"The job of every Christian is to pray. Plain & Simple." ~Oswald Chambers

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Fellowship Groups


 Location: Kanata

Day & Time: Mondays, 7.00pm


Location: Carleton Place

Day & Time: Tuesdays, 7.30pm

Location:  East End

Day & Time: Tuesdays, 6.30pm


Location: South End

Day & Time: Tuesdays, 7.00pm


Location: Central (Church)

Day & Time: Fridays, 4.00pm


Location: Online

Day & Time: Fridays, 8.00pm

Prayer Points

Our Congregation


  • Give thanks to God:
    • for the privilege of public worship and the rest that the Sabbath Day gives us. And pray for the Lord’s blessing on the preaching of His Word.

    • for His blessing of the congregation in numerical, financial and, above all, sanctifying growth.  Pray that, as we seek Him, He will continue to pour out His blessings upon us.

  •  Pray for:

    • the Lord’s help in physical need in the congregation.
    • the salvation of our covenant children and young people. 

    • Mr. Greg Alexander, who is in hospital with COVID, exacerbated by his cancer.

Sister Congregations & Churches


  • RPC in Canada:

    • Pray for Hillside RPC in Almonte -  Give thanks for new members, the Wickwares, and a new baby due this month to one of the other families.

  • Global RP Churches:

    • Irish RPC - Ballenon and Ballylane - Pray for the outreach packages that are being distributed around the local communities. Pray that God would move people to read the literature and to request follow up contact..

    • USA RPC - Orlando - Mrs. Ruth Pennington, retired missionary to Japan and wife of Rev. Jim Pennington, had open heart surgery on November 29th. The operation went well; please pray for her ongoing recovery.

    • Australia RPC – Frankston – Give thanks that Nathaniel and Marie Pockras were able to travel to Australia this past week to live there. It was very uncertain up to the morning of their departure. Pray that God would grow this congregation in faith and in number, for His glory and our good.

Our Nation


  • Pray that God would be merciful to us, given the actions of our MP’s this week in respect of Bill C-4 on Conversion Therapy Ban.

  • Pray for the Christian MP’s who were caught totally off-guard by the way in which the Bill was dealt with, and are feeling regret that they didn’t object at the time.

  • Pray that the Senators in Parliament will work through the Bill in a manner appropriate with their responsibilities and would take a serious look at it.