Review: Desiring God by J.I. Packer

When you see the title and author of this book, you can be confident of the content knowing that Dr. Packer has written it. His writing is always knowledgeable, practical, and insightful. 

Dr. Packer takes you on a journey in this book, starting with the basics in the 1st part, that is, why you should know God and who He is. This is the first building block or the foundation of your journey towards knowing God better. Dr. Packer also gives you practical steps to guide you along the path. 

In the 2nd part, Packer discusses the different characteristics of God, which is very humbling as you read them and contemplate them. This knowledge builds upon the foundation laid in the 1st section. 

In the 3rd part, you read about the benefits of knowing God. This section is like the icing on the cake – you have first learned who God is, and then all about His amazing characteristics, and now you learn about the benefits of knowing Him. 

This book is not written from only a theoretical viewpoint, but by someone who has a deep relationship with God. And while reading the book, you begin to question if your relationship with God is as deep as it could be, and then you want to know Him more and more – reading this book is not just an academic exercise. If you take it to heart, you will find yourself searching Him out ever increasingly. And then at the end of the book, you realize what a journey you are on, deepening your relationship with God every step of the way. 

As you read the book, you become increasingly humbled, and realize how undeserving you are of His grace and mercy, and then you realize how thankful you are for it. Packer reveals his knowledge of God a bit at a time, making it easy to comprehend. I would not advise reading this book all in one sitting. I found it helpful to read one chapter at a time, with a period in between readings to give me time to absorb and ponder the chapter which I had just read, before starting another one.

If you have found that lately you seem to have fallen into complacency with your relationship with God, then this book will bring you back to Him, bit by bit. Truly a book worth reading for your own spiritual awakening or re-awakening. Thank you, Dr. Packer.

~ Jane Fry

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