Review: Living by God’s Promises by Beeke & La Belle

“Living by God’s Promises” by Joel R. Beeke & James A. La Belle discusses the topic of God’s promises and their practical application to our lives as believers. The authors use commentary and sermons from puritan preachers Edward Leigh, William Spurstowe, and Andrew Gray to dive deeply into the topic to give the reader a deeper understanding of the covenant of Grace. 

 The first five chapters explore the promises themselves; understanding what they are, from whom they flow, to whom they belong, their characteristics, and their proper uses. This first half of the book, though filled with truth and helpful knowledge, was slightly wordy and dry and could have been condensed as it is a fairly straight forward subject. It did, however, help me personally have a deeper understanding of God’s grace and character. It is out of nothing but love that he bestows upon us these promises that give us comfort, reward, courage, privilege, and protection. The very nature of God is revealed in His gracious promises to us, an undeserving people. 

Don’t let the first half of the book scare you away. Once the author starts discussing the practical applications of resting in the promises of God in the everyday afflictions and pursuits of believers we are delivered a beautifully rich commentary on Christian living that would make the puritan preachers proud. One thing that I learned and found comfort in in this book was the practical application of the promises in allowing them to guide your prayers. As someone who has a difficult time sometimes finding the right words in prayer I found this very helpful. Chapters 6, 7, 8, and 9 all address specific aspects of the believers life to which promises have been given to us. It reminds us of the daily spiritual war that we face but also the rest that is readily available to us when we put our trust in the Lord who has already poured out His grace and mercy on us in these promises we see woven throughout scripture.

~Josianne Roy

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