Review: Spiritual Disciplines For the Christian Life by Donald Whitney

Donald Whitney’s book Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life was an excellent read. Coming in at just over 300 pages it can be a fairly quick read unless you’re like me and tend to procrastinate (don’t worry he covers that in this book). I believe that this book should be a staple for new and seasoned believers alike, as Whitney covers an array of core practices one should keep for spiritual growth. Not only does he back each with scriptural passages he also adds valuable life experience that he has gathered from his own ministry and from godly believers throughout history. Some of the topics Whitney covers are biblical intake, prayer, worship, fasting and much more. I personally found  Whitney’s nuanced outlook to silence and solitude (Chapter 10) enlightening as he covers ideas I have never put much thought into. Overall I found this book to be quite humbling  as  I and many others tend to get stuck in their ways where we sometimes lose sight of why we must do things or or take for granted the resources we have around us. Whitney lovingly rebukes our excuses for failing to do something and tells the tales of many godly people who have overcome adversary by and for faith. Fortunately, he also gives you solutions to tackle these issues. For everyone who gets the chance to read this fine book, if you  take nothing else from it, allow it to be a humbling experience for you.  I hope to read this book a few more times in different stages in my life in hopes that it may humble and ground me more.

~ Spencer Clafton

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