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Review: The Wiles of Satan by William Spurstowe

I have been surprised at the depth of our adversaries’ cunning and hatred towards God and His creation. I am not sure there is a word to describe it. For since the beginning of man and his expulsion from the Garden of Eden, Satan has been working with man’s inclination to sin. William Spurstowe in The Wiles of Satan guides the reader in identifying at least 20 devices of Satan and the antidotes (through the use of the Holy Scriptures) that counter them. The book gave me a sense of my own ignorance towards the true gravity of engaging with sin and Satan who does not want to be discovered as the one setting it up.

Anyone serious about going to spiritual war against their sin (and you must) will find that this short book is an excellent source of intel on discovering the enemies tactics and limitations! Be are that this is a Puritan author. Be prepared for lengthy explanations and analogies that sometimes require a history lesson. Overall, it is easy to read and implement into one’s spiritual goals.

~ Sheldon Smit 

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